pdf index generator - features PDF Index Generator features

Ability to specify which pages to create an Index for in the book.


Ability to specify the words to force include/exclude them from the Index.


Ability to specify a query to force include/exclude its corresponding words from the Index (This will allow you to index Names like "William Shakespeare" and write them the way you want, like "Shakespeare, William").


Ability to edit the generated index before saving it (skip some words, add new words, edit words, ...)


Ability to define Header words, Sub-Header words,...(4 levels of words) to indent them in the Index.


Ability to create cross-references in the index.
i.e: Physicians, 12-14, 121; see also Hospitals; Medical schools


Ability to write words in the index as links, linking to their page in the book.


Ability to append the generated index to your book, or write it to a new pdf or text file.


Ability to specify the dimensions of the Index pages in the PDF book.


Ability to specify after which page in the book do you want to write the generated index.


Ability to handle encrypted(password protected) books.


Ability to use the program through the Command Line(Terminal).


Ability to index multiple books at the same time through the Command Line.


Ability to merge more than one Index together.


PDF Index Generator supports PDFs of latin languages.
Latin languages :
Catalan - Danish - Dutch - English - French - German
Italian - Norwegian - Portuguese - Spanish - Swedish
. . . And many others.


PDF Index Generator comes with a number of words categories containing the most famous English words( verbs - prepositions - . . . ) to exclude them. You can also create your own categories, and you can import/export them too.


PDF Index Generator comes with a number of design templates, where you can choose any of them to be applied while writing the Index to your book. You can also create your own templates.


PDF Index Generator does not require Adobe Acrobat to be installed.


English and Italian program interface.