Index your book in 10 minutes

Blog – Indexing all names in a book just in 10 minutes !

Sep 20
Congratulations .. ! Finally you have finished writing your book. Now your publisher asks who is doing your book index. Of course you can hire an indexer, or you can create the index yourself. Sometimes creating the back of your book index is much easier than you think ... That is my case today. I have a historic book that has many names, and i want to create the back-of-book index for this book containing
To index my book or not to index it

Blog – To index my book or not to index it … That is the question!

Sep 20
Any author who finishes writing his first book will mostly ask these questions: Do I really have to create an index for my book? Can’t I just skip it? An index is just an old fashion. Does anyone still use that? Isn’t there any program to create that index for me?! … We’re in the 21st century! Well, let’s answer those questions and try to help you decide whether or not to create an index for
Index tips

Blog – 10 tips you should know before creating your book index

Sep 20
If you have finished writing your book then you should be willing to create an index for it. The back-of-book index is a main component of any successful book. Creating the book index yourself is not hard if you know the rules and steps you should follow to accomplish it in a professional way. I will mention 10 important tips you should know before starting your index. The main target of those tips is to
Index Sample

Blog – Why is a Book Index important ?

Sep 19
The back-of-book-Index is one of the most important and critical parts of your book. Here are some hints you should know about the book Index so you can understand why it is that important : The book Index is useful for potential buyers to have a fast look at the book contents and easily check if it covers particular topics they are looking for, to decide if to buy your book or not. The index is
What is a book index?

Blog – What is a book Index ?

Sep 19
In the simplest terms, a book index is simply a key to locating information contained in a book. It is also known as back-of-the-book index, as it is mostly found at the end of the book. The words of the Index are sorted Alphabetically. Here is an Index screenshot below : [caption id="attachment_1956" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Book index sample[/caption] The Index words should be relevant and of interest to a possible reader of the book, so