Download queries

Queries help you index all terms in your book that follow a specific format. In this page we have added many queries that you can download, import inside PDF Index Generator in order to force Include/Exclude their corresponding terms while generating the book Index. Please read the instructions of how to use those queries at the bottom of the page, then download any of the following queries:

Names’ queries

Below are all the Names’ queries available. Many indexes are based on the last name, first name(Directory style) and middle initial or middle name format. Most of the following queries will generate this format in your index. Each query will help you index names that follow the query format as explained in the tooltip of each query(Just hover on the icon info). Please click any link below to download its query file.
download_file All query files info
download_file 01 – Barack Obama, reversed info
download_file 02 – Barack Hussein Obama, reversed info
download_file 03 – B. H. Obama info
download_file 04 – B. H. Obama, reversed info
download_file 05 – Barack H. Obama, reversed info
download_file 06 – OBAMA, BARACK H. info
download_file 07 – Obama, Barack info
download_file 08 – Thomas J. O’Brian, reversed info
download_file 09 – THOMAS J. O’BRIAN, reversed info
download_file 10 – Joe O’Donnell, reversed info
download_file 11 – JOE O’DONNELL, reversed info
download_file 12 – O’Neil, Peter info
download_file 13 – O’Neil, Peter T. info
download_file 14 – O’NEIL, PETER info
download_file 15 – O’NEIL, PETER T. info

How does it work ?

  1. Download any of the query files from the links above.
  2. Open PDF Index Generator.
  3. Click Tools > Settings > Include/Exclude words > Include words.
  4. Click on ‘ Import categories ‘ and select the query file that you have downloaded.
  5. Press Ok to apply the changes.