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PDF Index Generator is an easy program to use now that I know what I need to do.

John Peterson
Publisher and Editor
Poetic Matrix Press/PM Books
I am exicited about using this software! It seems to be the perfect solution for what I needed.

Pam Bender
Project Manager/Trainer
I see your software is so powerful, I have roughly indexed my 500-page book in less than 1 min. Amazing !!!

Michael Kang
It’s a solid tool and definitely worth the money. I look forward to using it for all our documents and files. Thanks for building it!

Wendi Le
It does exactly what I need at a very reasonable price.
Many thanks!

Jeffrey Kaplan
As far as I am aware this is the only software available that allows creating indexes on PDF files, which works fast and flawlessly. Wishing you the best of success.

Artan Shabani
I am very impressed with the performance … Amazing.

Branko Pecar
Great product that fulfills a very useful purpose.

Faraaz Damji
Each of the PDF templates are really neat – the ability to edit what you added could be a big + for people doing lots of books. All options look great.

Justice Ralph Forbes
The program is very good and easy to use once I got the idea of how it works. I can save the index as a text file, open it in Pages, and make whatever changes are necessary and then add it to my document and have it included in my table of contents as I wanted.

Jack Friedland
Everything worked like a charm. This is a great product.

David Potter
Department of Classical Studies
The University of Michigan
The program seems to do what I want, it is affordable. And Developer support is excellent. Keep up the good work.

Nigel Strudwick
The programme is very easy to use and it has helped me produce a basic index very quickly and confidently. I have just had a meeting with the author of the book. I showed him what I had been able to do so far and he was very pleased with it. I think he’ll be even more delighted once I do the sub-headings. I am finding it good to work with.

Janet Jackson
PDF Index Generator is just what I needed to meet a client’s need. The support (both pre-sale and after sale) is fast AND helpful! This is intelligent software with intelligent support behind it.

Thomas Gormley
Transcription Business Owner
A really useful program and I will recommend it to others.

Paul Nation
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand
I’ve been getting a lot of calls from other transcribers here in New Jersey and i’ve been recommending your software to them, at least telling them to do the trial version. I heard from one of them last night who purchased your program. I was so pleased that she purchased your software.

Your customer service and support is top notch.
Dolores Hastings